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Pastor Ferman D. Richardson Sr

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“Ferman D. Richardson”



This young man goes Waaay back to the very beginning of World Youth Ministries, being involved with our Founder “Uncle Thomas”, even in the formative years, prior to the actual incorporation of WYM. Ferman D. Richardson has been there every step of the way and now serves as a member (non-voting) of the WYM Board of Directors.


Ferman…well, ”Ferman is Ferman” and everybody knows Ferman, Mr. “Personality Plus”! Due to his constant mischievous behavior during his youthful years, Uncle Thomas made sure to keep Ferman close to him, to keep him out of trouble, but even so, Ferman found a way to find his share of trouble. 


As the WYM vision began to become clearer and take shape in the mind of Uncle Thomas,  sometime in 1983, the unction to begin a Community Gospel Choir for youth in the community came to life. Needing youngblood to bring in other young people, Uncle Thomas called on, who else “ Ferman “Mr. personality plus” and Mark Austin” to assist him and boy did they deliver! The first rehearsal had more than 20 youth from around the community! 


Is a trainer for Resolution and Mediation Services, Inc. We are proud to “Spotlight” WYM “Life Member”, Ferman D. Richardson!


WOW, today, the young mischievous Ferman grew into a responsible man and  is currently employed, as Deputy Marshall with the Florida Supreme Court since 2014, responsible to  Enforce Federal, State  and Local laws, Patrol and secure the Florida Supreme court bldg., being vigilant for terroristic attacks, suspicious packages and other hazards as related to Courtroom security, Monitor employee and visitor entrances and exits from the Site location; making sure they have proper identification and authorization. Safeguarding both life and property of employees and visitors to site. 

Mr. Richardson came highly recommended to become a Trainer with Resolution and Mediation Services, Inc., with vast experience, having served as Police Chief in both Gretna, FL and Quincy, FL, with oversight of all Law Enforcement Activities for both Municipalities, where his duties included preparing the annual budget, Planning for and Creating Goodwill within the community using Community Oriented Policing practices. He created a Wireless Mesh system for transferring Data within the City by Officers. Additionally, he has written, obtained and Administered $140000 in Federal Grant funds. While Providing Mentorship and Coaching to Subordinates

Mr. Richardson is a 2003 Graduate of Flagler College, with a B.A. Degree in Business Administration and in 2016 earned a second B.A. Degree in Business Administration with concentration in Accounting.


Mr. Richardson is Sr. Pastor of Manasseh  Church of God in Christ, in Tallahassee, FL

He is married and he with his wife Ardesta, have 4 adult children

Mr. Jeremy Gainous



“Jeremy Gainous”


Here’s a story of a bright-eyed young man named Jeremy. Jeremy is a young man that began participating with our organization as a middle school student.  He could be described as a mischievous kid who loved basketball and hanging out with his friends. He was raised in an area plagued with high crime and other social ills.  During his time with WYM, Jeremy participated on the travel basketball team. As the youngest player on the team he learned important life skills such as building healthy relationships, leadership, teamwork, self-worth, and served as an ambassador of WYM.

Although receiving guidance from WYM, Jeremy was dealing with some behavioral issues in home and school.  The negative influences in his environment proved to be too strong and Jeremy ended up getting into some trouble with the Department of Juvenile Justice which earned him time in a secure facility.  During this time of incarceration, he was able to reflect on the impact that WYM made in his life which gave him the motivation needed to improve his life. Despite his situation at the time, he focused on improving himself and earned his GED and HVAC certification while incarcerated. 

Jeremy is now a successful business owner in Baltimore, Maryland.  He spends much of his time and resources “paying it forward.” He frequently comes back home to Tallahassee to give back to the community that helped shaped him.  His main platform is to encourage youth that it’s possible to change their lives no matter what mistakes they’ve made in the past. His passion and life’s testimony has created a platform for him to reach the masses, as he recently testified before congressional committee as a living witness to that troubled youth can turn their lives around with support and encouragement.  He uses social media to send the encouraging message “People Can Change! #pplcanchange

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