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Our purpose is to advocate improved moral and social character in the hearts and minds of the area's youth. We  support  the moral, social and physical growth needs of the young people in the community; to promote a greater degree of community involvement , by providing wholesome activities and programs that will enrich, enhance self worth and awareness.




Our vision is to provide wholesome programs and services to foster improved moral and social character in WYM members, as well as community youth. To provide a proactive and preventitive approach, while addressing and advocating reduction in juvinile delinquency, drop-out prevention, reduced recidivism through aftercare and program activities.



In response to over a quarter century of youth ministry, with countless hours of interaction with youth, parents , community leaders and other adults alike, expressing concerns about the pressures and temptations of the youth of today. Concerns of; the rapid increase in serious juvinile crime, high rate of recidivism, increasing drop-out rate, out of control teen pregnancy and the growing number of young people identified as "at risk", these factors dictate to us, the need for our mission statement.


"Investing in today's youth for a brighter tomorrow."


Serving the Big Bend.

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